There was only one question for the science fair: is it possible to move our xxl 3d printer to the main hall? With a dolly we moved the printer to the hall. After setting up the XXL printer we started to calibrate the print bed. While doing that we were already getting some attention by passing students and teachers. When the science fair started we were able to print with the xxl printer again. With some posters we showed our process and also the working principle of the printer. With our spare printer we showed how we were able to slice an object into parts. With this we could explain, if we would do this with the bigger printer, the printer would be relatively faster while printing an object with infill.



Calibrating the printing bed

During the science fair a lot of people came by and were quiet amazed about the construction. Our mentors Joris and Dolf came by and also Wael an art student we talked with about printing a big art work.

We think the most reactions were really positive. Only one big remark was the speed of the printer. Why we did not remove the housing of the Ultimaker to make it lighter and faster?


Lots of interested people


Emma, explaining the project

Walking around the fair was nice as well. All the groups made some nice stuff and it looked quiet professional.

After discussing what to do with the printer, we put it back in the science lab or further research.